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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 Banks Pending Foreclosures Abuse Settlement


Four banks are still in Negotiations for foreclosure settlements.

The goal is the get money to the people (homeowners) quickly which will in fact help speed recovery according to Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry.

It is stated that homeowners that requested Independent Foreclosure Review will get more than those who didn't but you will get compensation if you missed the deadline.

The 4 Banks in Negotiations are:

Ally Financial
One West

ALL are still in negotiations, according to the OCC.

This is all great news our hope is the banks will NOW do their best to help ALL homeowners and make certain file processing is taken serious. While they maybe overworked and overwhelmed this can not hinder their ability to provide the BEST solution to homeowners and go above and beyond to implement and programs available for home retention.

I agree with Alys Cohen, a staff attorney for the National Consumer Law Center this is a step in the right direction despite the flaws in the agreement. We at Helping Families LLC believe the recognition and remedy of a problem hopefully will change processes for ALL banks.

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